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Businesses should always go for paid subscriptions to get:

  • Reliable and stable network round the clock. Check reviews, uptime history, and advertisements to decide right.
  • Dedicated control panel, convenient installation and use of FTP, PHP, SSH, HTA Access, MySQL, etc.
  • Scope for upgrades and fewer advertisements
  • Bandwidth allocation customisation, Email IDs, Technical support, and many more advanced features & assistances.

eWeb Promotions offers customised web hosting services that you need to run a successful website from the first day.

  • Unlimited email accounts with any of our web hosting packages. In addition, we include IMAP and POP access in the package especially customised for you.*
  • As an extra layer of safety, we backup the entire account offsite regularly including emails, databases, websites, etc.
  • Save the time of procuring an SSL certificate from a third party, as we provide the same with every website hosting.
  • We provide reliable uptime and faster operation than competitors.
  • Our tech support helps with site builds, redirects, and everything you need for your website.
  • Free advanced filtering services to protect your site against spam, phishing, virus, etc.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is your allocated space on a web server. Hosting service providers host your website, store files (images, HTML, CSS, codes, and more), and keep them safe from phishing, virus, etc. They allow access to the internet, and users can search & locate your website online. Servers hosting your websites are physically present in data centres and respective web hosting companies manage them.

It starts with files uploading to the server from a local computer using the server’s resources including RAM, bandwidth, and hard drive space.

The amount of space, services, and other terms & conditions depend upon the service provider and the package, you have selected.

Types of Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting: Multiple websites share space on the host server. Perfect for small businesses that do not require dedicated server space.
  • VPS Hosting: Virtual private server, main server space divides into multiple small server spaces.
  • WordPress Hosting: WordPress optimised for hosting through Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting: Multiple remote servers, a problem-solver for traditional web hosting problems.
  • Dedicated Hosting; Separate server space generally for large organisations with around 1 lakh visitors in a month
  • Reseller Hosting: Purchase of server space and sale to clients

Web Hosting and Domain Name

A hosting server allows your website to go online, and visitors can access files. Here domain name works as the connecting link. DNS (domain name system) ensure that the website browser communicates with the right server that hosts your files.

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Web Hosting Services

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