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Paid Advertising Agency in India

Explore magic of targeted paid promotions with Google AdWords (PPC) and Facebook Ads Campaign - Drive your business on top gear with eWeb Promotions – leading digital marketing outsource company based out at Noida, India.

While generic traffic and organic search engine optimization strategies is an effective tool but it has a slow progress rate and may a take reasonable time to rank on top of 1st page rankings!

Do we have an instant solution that STARTS TO RANK ON TOP OF FIRST PAGE FROM DAY 1?
Simply put, the answer is YES!!
With paid social media promotions and exploring Google Ads you would start to generate targeted traffic from day one.

We are all ears and equipped to organise & execute paid promotions with precision.


Paid promotions include payment for any media and campaign to build and establish your brand in the digital space. You can track, analyse, and amend or continue your strategies to improve the outcomes of the marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Paid Promotions;

  • Paid promotions through Google Ads ensure that your campaign reaches the specific target audience.
  • The scope of reach is maximum. You can target any location(s) from anywhere, given the market is relatable and accessible for your product and services.
  • Paid Ads Campaigns promote brand awareness, brand positioning, visibility, and also emphasise on brand recall (leads to valuable brand equity & increased market share).

About Google Ads / PPC?

Google offers a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising option through Google Ads. Here you can bid on relevant keywords and improve the probability to show ads during Google search results. We are here to assist, manage & optimize your AdWords project outsourced to us at an affordable pricing plan.


Unique Features of Google Ads

  • No minimum investment for creating Google Ads account – run ads with very low budget to start the ppc campaign
  • Flexibility to manage ad campaigns through analytics and adjust budgets according to the performance.
  • Audience searches with keywords are more likely to convert. So, it gives higher returns on investment and conversions at low cost per click (CPC).


Automated and Smart Bidding Strategies on Google Ads

Automated Bidding

Automated bidding is a method to maximise ad outcomes based on your set campaign targets. As name suggests, in this type of bidding, Google automatically sets bid value according to the probability that your ad will provide outcome in the form of click or conversion. The bid amount is fixed based on operating system, the time of the day people are searching, user’s device, and other demographic metrics. You can use automated bidding for search and display ads both.


Seven Types of Automated Bidding Strategies

  • Maximise Clicks
  • Target Search Page Location
  • Target Outranking Share
  • Target Cost Per Acquisition (T-CPA)
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (E-CPC)
  • Target Return on Ad Spend (T-ROAS)
  • Maximise Conversions


Smart Bidding

Smart bidding associated with conversion-based ad campaigns only.


Categories of Smart Bidding

  • Enhanced CPC
  • Target ROAS
  • Target CPA
  • Maximise Conversions


Why Us?

    Your search for an end-to-end paid promotion outsourcing partner concludes with Eweb Promotions. We provide the following quality features that make us a reliable all-weather collaboration.

  • Our detailed work process includes website evaluation, keyword research, ad-copy creation for different ad groups, implementation of search and display ads, bidding for relevant keywords, a list of negative keywords, and monthly progress reports.
  • We provide result-oriented and customisable PPC packages for paid advertising, display advertising, smart advertising, video ads, shopping advertising, app promotion, etc.
  • We offer Google Ads certified experts with years of relevant experience in running campaigns. Call the experts, do not take chances. We have dedicated ppc experts who customise your ad campaigns using automated and smart bidding strategies.
  • We customise plans for small and large businesses according to reach requirements and budget. Our quality services help our clients outrank their competitors by a long shot.
  • We ensure you remain in control of your campaigns and provide all the updates and reports. We assure excellent growth of sales, leads, and conversion with our specialist paid promotions.

Our Google AdWords - PPC packages might vary as per the client’s specific needs, and it does not include Google Ads spend amount, which is directly borne by client.

Want optimised sales growth with paid promotions?
Promote your website-business with our professional paid advertising services to reach your desired brand position and target audience.


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