What exactly is digital marketing at the first point!
We are all familiar with the term ‘marketing’ – meaning cumulative activities involving advertising and promoting your business and its products & services with a sole intention to not only sell the product but also to leave a lasting impact on the prospect customers to remember the brand they bought and stay connected with you for repeat purchasing and even help share the word about your company to their knowns and family. Digital Marketing is when these advertising & marketing strategies are performed online on the Internet. That is why it is also called as ‘Online Marketing’

To have an online presence you would need a website to display your products and services, tell the world about your company and its members, provide your establishment location address and its branches etc. You even have an option to sell your products directly from your website and accept payments online through e-commerce website that is integrated with a payment gateway. You can connect locally and globally at the same time. Get your website designed by eweb promotions today.

Once you have your website ready; you would want to look for online marketing options to up your sales and generate revenue. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay per click paid-advertising are the best options to look for.

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FREE THINGS FIRST – Let’s Grab The Free Advertising Option

No matter how small or big enterprise you are. If one has a opportunity to promote online using the free media platform then why not! To name a few – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Tumblr, Pinterest etc are free social media platforms wherein all you have to do is create your user account and start sharing updates and posts with your target audience and advertise for FREE! But is it that simple? Of course; you may need assistance of expert social media management agency in case you do not have the know-how and the valuable time to dedicate optimizing various social media platforms. Need Assistance with SMO Promotions – Help is just a click away.


You have a great option to go for paid social media marketing:

Sales Leads Generation For Your Business via:

  • Facebook In-built Form
  • Link to your landing page
  • Through Facebook Messenger
  • Signups and Calls

Increase Traffic :

  • Boost Brand Awareness – post reach, post views, brand recall
  • Boost Targeted Traffic – to your website, App, and Facebook events
  • Boost Traffic To Your Landing Page

Increase Audience Engagement:

  • via messages
  • video views, post views
  • Page Likes

Sales : Purchase of Products/Services through Website/Apps/WhatsApp etc

Social Media Marketing – SMM Explained:
On Facebook along Instagram you have an option to boost your free posts so they are displayed more frequently, regularly, and on high priority to your target list of audience and selected target locations. Thereby, you now have high probability of reaching the right audience at targeted locations and converting audience to customers, leading to more revenue, sales, and business growth. Similarly; you can run paid-Ads specifically designed to promote a specific product, service, business page or an upcoming event.

Benefits of Paid-Ads Promotion – Social Media Advertising

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Strengthen Brand Creditability
  • Increase Reach & Target Audience More Effectively
  • Real-Time Engagement & Feedback From Customers
  • Unique Infographic Based Content Marketing Tool
  • Stay Ahead Of The Competitors
  • Build Strong Social Media Presence
  • Low Marketing Expenses – High ROI

If you require a professional social media marketing agency to establish your company’s brand online, design high quality posts and Ads, write customer-engaging content, and manage your social media portfolio on your behalf then eWeb Promotions – full-service social media advertising service is the right answer,

Search Engine Optimization

What is the use of a website if it does not rank well in Google searches for your wanted list of target keywords that best define your business services? Unless your customers cannot find you online, they will never be able to know about your services or give you business. The very objective of having a website is not met.

What To Do?
You may require specialized SEO services of a dedicated search engine optimization firm that would run your website through all the requisite checks & parameters using the Google Search Console & Google Analytics Tool and fix the vulnerable issues that are stopping your website to rank high on organic search engine rankings.
In normal course you too can manage your website’s SEO by your own self if you have the right SEO knowledge and moreover have the quality time to dedicate but hiring a professional SEO consultant agency for the job would speed-up the process as they are experts in the field, deliver the desired search engine rankings, and you can continue to concentrate on your core business activities.
Website optimization in line with ever evolving Google Algorithms is very important both to meet the immediate SEO goals and also to consistently maintain the achieved Google search rankings. There has been a long list Google updates in the recent years with a sole intention to outrank the websites that are using fake techniques and unethical black-hat SEO tactics and give a better user-experience by ranking websites that have followed all ethical & genuine practices. Few names of such Google updates are Caffeine (2010), Panda (2011), Venice, Penguin, Pirate (2012), Hummingbird & Pigeon (2013), HTTPS/SSL (2014), Mobile & Rankbrain (2015), Possum (2016), Mobile-speed & Medic (2018), BERT (2019), series of Google Core Algorithm updates and the process is never ending and so on.
Prepare to be found consistently online with the best ethical SEO services at eWeb Promotions.

Google Adwords – Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Campaign)

No long waits! You mean business from the word GO!
Google PPC or pay per click marketing is a paid advertising and another very effective digital marketing tool that allows you to rank on top of Google organic searches from as quick as day 1 of your online presence; for a paid fee charged each time a user clicks on your Ad upon searching for a search-term related to your business. You also have an option to cap the maximum bid price you are willing to pay for a specific search term with a further option to either allow the target keywords be used to display the Ads using a broad-match, phrase-match, or exact-match keyword search terminology.
You have multiple options to drive the paid click-through traffic either to your website, a landing page, phone call, conclude a sale and more

Top Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing:

  • Immediate Results – 1st Page Keyword Rankings
  • Ads Reach The Right Audience
  • Target Specific Geo-Locations
  • You Can Measure & Control The Daily Spending Limits
  • Increase Your Brand Recognition

Google Adwords is an ideal digital marketing model for businesses looking for quick website traffic and seeking immediate entry in search results but if the PPC campaign is not configured professionally you may end up digging a big hole in your pocket resulting in a very high CPC ratio (cost per click) and low CTR (cost-through rate) with very few or almost nil customer conversions.
If you believe you need services of a dedicated PPC marketing company then get in touch with eWeb Promotions now!
Selection of a professional digital marketer who has the skills and the right knowledge is the most important aspect while looking to outsource your Internet marketing assignments to someone.